What is a good pool cue for a beginner?


Most beginners are confused when it comes to choosing a good pool cue. However, your main focus should be getting the right pool cue. Not every professional pool cue is the right one for a beginner. The beginners usually need a cue that us durable, easy to handle, straight, and of the accurate size. 

With the following things in mind, you can get a good pool cue for a beginner:

  1. Material

Look for the durable material. The maple cues are the ones that tend to be the most durable for the beginners. Being a beginner, you will be practicing multiple times a day, and the durable cue is the key to a great practice. 

  1. Accurate Size

When it comes to accurate size, three things that need to be considered are the length, weight, and straight design.

 While the average length is 57 to 59 inches, the average weight of a cue is 18 to 21 ounces. 

Straighter the cue, smoother, you can strike the ball. The cue must not have any warping or curves at all. 

As a beginner, make sure the cue is not too long or too heavy for you to handle. 

  1. One-piece or Two-piece

This is important, depending upon personal preference. If you travel a lot, a two-piece cue makes transportation easier. However, if you play and practice at home or a nearby club, the one-piece cue is good enough.

  1. Good Balance Point

A few inches from your wrap’s end comes the balance point. It is the center of gravity of the pool cue. Better the balance point, easier it is to handle and make a shot with the cue. 

  1. Softer Tip

For beginners, a softer cue tip made of rubber or leather is a good choice. As a starter, a tip of 12 to 13mm in size should be considered. 

With these factors in mind, you will get a good and the right cue for yourself as a beginner.