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Many parents today are faced with the dilemma of finding care outside the home for their children because they both have to work during the day. They have two choices. Either they bring someone into the home that they would entrust the care of their child to or they place the child in one of the many day care centers that operate in their community. In many cases, the parents opt for placing their child in one of these facilities rather than having someone in their home.


Finding the best day care centers can be a bit challenging as there are so many of them. You will want to conduct some research before making your decision and not just pick the first one that you see an advertisement for. There are a number of things that you want to take into consideration such as the quality of supervision and teaching, how the children interact with their peers and teachers, the appearance of the facility, etc. However there are some additional considerations to be aware of.


First and foremost, the difficulties involved in choosing the best day care centers stems from the fact that there are so many of them. According to a study conducted by the Child Welfare League of America in the city of Philadelphia, only 20% (2 out of 10) of the facilities that were investigated provided good quality care. The other 80% were rated as providing mediocre to poor care for the children enrolled in these centers. This alone makes it necessary to be thorough when searching for the best care center.


Another one of the primary characteristics of the better day care centers is the quality of the teachers that are employed by the facility. There are a number of benefits for the children when they are exposed to good quality teachers including:


o actively participating in children’s activities and playing with them 

o being responsive to the needs of the children 

o communicating regularly with the parents of the child


Teachers must have a degree or teaching certification with a background in early child development and education. This helps to increase their effectiveness as an educator of young children so that they conduct activities that are appropriate for children in this age bracket. It also teaches them better health and safety standards specifically designed for a day care setting combined with childhood educational theory. It is also required that the learning environment provided by these facilities is clean and safe.


The last facet of the better day care centers is parental involvement. The higher quality day care centers will insist the parents getting involved with the child when being cared for. They are encouraged to drop in to the center – unannounced – at any time of the day or week and to keep records of the individual visits. They may also be invited to attend parent-teacher conferences at the center throughout the school year in order to discuss the child’s progress and other issues.


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