10 Important Improvement Tips For Bathroom Renovations 



As you plan to remodel and renovate your bathroom for a house in Calgary, you must be looking around for what’s most current and trending. Renovation means to stay updated with contemporary styles.

A lot of people do not consider bathroom renovation as important. They lack the knowledge of the fact that bathrooms actually have a lot of value. They directly impact the impression a guest or a buyer makes of your home. So as you go for bathroom renovation in Calgary, you need to consider some most important improvement tips. 

Without these, you might get a modern bathroom but not a practical one. Read on!

Tip 1. Make a bathroom renovation plan. 

To renovate a bathroom, you need to have a plan, just like any other renovation in the house. To make a good bathroom renovation plan, you should consider the following:

Choosing the right layout. 

Choosing the right layout is utterly important. While choosing what to add in a bathroom and whatnot, keep the entire look of your house in mind. The bathroom should go well with the rest of your house. This is especially important when it comes to design.

 For instance, going for an all-white bathroom when you have a woody house overall does not look good.  

Bathroom renovation must enhance your interior rather than putting you in jeopardy in the end. Thus, go for a layout that complements the overall interior.

Considering a customized bathroom? 

This is always a good idea. You can turn your bathroom according to what you desire. Some people prefer separate showering space, while others want to include bathtubs. When it comes to a powder room, we see no shower area. Thus, it all depends on where the bathroom is and what do you want to include/remove. Plan accordingly.

Tip 2. Choosing the right floor plan. 

A floor plan can make it all right or go wrong. Choosing the right floor plan is very important. While doing that, you need to keep in mind the following:

Stay close to existing plumbing fixtures. 

Going for a complete change in plumbing fixtures can end up to be disastrous. The key is to remain close to existing plumbing pipes and fixes and remodel accordingly. 

Improve the quality of drainage. 

One important thing to do during bathroom renovations is improving the quality of drainage. To do that, you must install drainage pipes with at least a 2-inch diameter. This makes sure the water flows properly and drains out without clogging.

It also includes tiling.

Your floor plan includes tiling as well. Look for different tiling ideas on the internet and go for one that makes your space look larger. If you have a small bathroom, light-colored tiling is the best idea. For bigger spaces, you can add a touch of dark colors as well.

The shower floor should have different tiling than the rest of the bathroom.

A different tiling looks quite aesthetic. 

The best one? Small textured tiles. 

The contemporary style for shower tiles is using small textured tiles. They look amazing! 

Tip 3. Go smart with a low-flow hidden tank toilet.

A low-flow hidden tank toilet saves space and uses less water. Today, it is the best way to save water yet go modern. 

Tip 4. Go for modern vanities. 

Vanities are a thing of today. In fact, most of the people are going for bathroom renovations in Calgary just to remove traditional basins and add vanities. 

Why choose vanities?

Choosing vanities is a good idea because: 

  1. It looks sleek. 

It looks very sleek and luxurious in a bathroom. 

  1. It takes up lesser space.

Vanities take a small space and maximize your bathroom space.  

  1. It provides a lot of storage space. 

With cabinets and drawers, you can keep your toiletries such as a towel, etc. in the drawers rather than on the countertop.

Tip 5. Give special attention to lighting. 

Lighting is very important in a bathroom renovation. It greatly contributes to the overall design and looks.

What’s the contemporary lighting style?

If you want to go with contemporary lighting style, remember to:

Keep it low and dim overall. 

Modern bathrooms have low and dim lighting to keep it simple and relaxed. 

Keep it bright for makeup, shaving, etc.

To do makeup, shaving, hair-do, etc. you need to have bright space. For areas like mirrors and vanities, consider adding more light.

Tip 6. Choose the right ventilation solution. 

As you go for bathroom renovations, ventilation should be your main priority. There are various ventilation solutions, such as:

  1. Add a fan and timer. 

Adding a timer fan helps remove all the steam and humidity from time to time or right after you take a shower. 


  • It helps when you have kids. 
  • You do not need to turn on the fan manually. 
  1. Add a window. 

Adding a window to your shower area is a good solution. It helps in continuous ventilation and not timely. 


  • Say goodbye to humidity. 
  • Stay clean and fragrant. 
  1. Shower panels should leave enough space. 

If you are going with shower panels, they must have enough space for the right ventilation.


  • It circulates fresh air. 
  • It releases steam and other particles.  

Tip 7. Go modern yet timeless and practical. 

For bathroom renovations in Calgary, you have to make sure you are following the trend but adding practicality as well. Some modern trends that are practical and timeless include:

Maximizing the space. 

Making the space bigger never goes out of style. No one has ever like confined spaces. 

Give the bathtub a second thought.

A bathtub might be present in every bathroom you search on the internet, but it is not necessary. To remain practical, think if you really need a bathtub.

The Takeaway

With the above tips in mind, you can get the best bathroom renovation in Calgary. It will not only enhance the look but offer a better lifestyle value. Also, it will add to your property value greatly.