Student Ventures

  • GamePress

    game creation app that allows anyone to make the games of their imaginations with no programming or graphic design.

  • Sky Eye Media

    Specializes in professional aerial cinematography and photography through the use of remote controlled helicopters.

  • ModernEdgeRazors

    Combines vintage straight razor shaving with modern styling and exotic woodworking. The result is a fusion of old and new in one stunning package.

  • GymNut

    Provides unique and interactive tools designed to connect gym members and personal trainers. Stay tuned for beta launch!

  • FamilyTales

    Captures and celebrates your family’s precious moments through the generations with a private, sophisticated & social life storybook.


    Professional disc jockey serving all of Ontario. Extensive music background and experience with youth dances and weddings!

  • Peplum Fashion Shop

    Styles for Humanity! A social business providing trendy styles for the modest fashionista. A % of sales goes to the, Because I Am a Girl Foundation.

  • arc network

    Non-profit organization that focuses on the development of students while providing affordable essential services for small-medium sized businesses.

  • PostOnMe

    An online classifieds listing made by students for students. It has never been easier or more relaxing to connect with others in your area

  • Barfoot Productions

    Classic, affordable, and professional Internet and Promotional video services.

  • dpms.

    Western & Fanshawe student designed clothing brand targeting students and young professionals in London.

  • Bitmaker Labs

    9-week bootcamp in Toronto teaching absolute beginners how to become web developers. Learn to build apps like Twitter & Pinterest.

  • London Rocket

    Low-cost transportation service for Western University students travelling between London and Toronto.

  • First Interview

    Job posting site revolutionizing the hiring process by attaching video pitches to resumes, enabling a simultaneous interview with applications.

  • whoop.d.doo

    What’s not to love about creamy icing sandwiched between two homemade cakes? Student business specializing in delicious homemade whoopie pies.

  • Y-Rose Origami

    Customized Origami roses and decorations to enhance any occasion.

  • eQuizzle

    Helping you make friends on a deeper level.

  • CanYouRecall?

    CanYouRecall is a brand-new, completely free, and incredibly simple study-aid that is designed to help you remember what matters for test day.

  • Coachd

    Coachd is a mobile app that lets you be coached through workouts by your favourite professional athletes.

  • Scratchd

    Scratchd is a mobile app that allows businesses to advertise to consumers in the mobile market through digitized scratch and save tickets.

  • Falcon Age Fitness

    Mobile exercise service that specializes in adult fitness. The exercises are designed specifically for you in the comfort of your home.

  • Textbooks for Change

    Provides students with inexpensive textbooks. Proceeds used to fund business development programs for youth and newcomers through microfinance.

  • Igniteck

    Virtual training platform focusing on enhancing the profitability and efficiency of fitness clubs as well as the gym-members overall performance.

  • UntitledD

    An independent development studio focusing on Application and Game development for mobile devices like the iPhone and Android platform.

  • DrawSplash

    An intuitive website where students can design and place online orders for custom clothing and other student group essentials.

  • inConnect

    Online portal aiming to connect entrepreneurs in London.

  • BasketWise

    Enables consumers to compare their total grocery basket costs between various stores.

  • AiMED

    Artificial intelligence solutions for medicine: a smarter, simpler, solution for medical data capture and analysis.

  • Shore Up

    Mobile app bringing you life’s best experiences from the best in your life, your friends. Eat, drink, party, recommend and be rewarded by the pl...

  • CollegeTeach

    Connecting Students to Student Tutors.

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