Hassaan & Cyrus

 Virtual trainers, how could we have missed that? With recent innovations disrupting all types of industries, the integration of a virtual trainer in a fitness facility seemed inevitable. However, BizInc is proud to say that the entrepreneurs that generated and developed this venture are among our community of Western University graduates and are based in London, Ontario.

We asked the CEO Cyrus Nambakhsh a couple of questions in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the story behind this promising student venture!

Where did the idea/inspiration come from?

The inspiration comes from my personal experience in failing to sustain my membership and actually hitting the gym after signing up. I wasn’t able to pay for one-on-one personal training and found myself asking others at the gym how to use certain equipment and the benefits of each. I realized I couldn’t do this forever, quickly lost my motivation and eventually quit my membership. After talking to personal trainers and gym owners, I realized they were having similar pains keeping their clients! It struck me that there had to be a better solution to provide secondary affordable and convenient personal training and it was then that iGNiTeck was born.

Biggest milestone?

Securing Beta-testing for October 2012 in The Athletic Club.

Biggest Setback?

Building our team! Recruiting the right Software Architectures and Developers and securing the funding to keep them around! We believe if we had more financial support, our product would have been launched already.

Which individuals inspire you/your team the most?

Our chief adviser, Dr. Nader Vijeh from Silicon Valley who has been advising our team remotely from the get-go has been an inspiring and helpful role model. We are hoping to add him to our board soon.

Fun Facts about you and your team?

Our team is very dynamic ranging from scientists who are amateur DJs, professional bodybuilders and well as computer geeks. It is so much fun when you see them working beside one another!

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