Sajjad, Jennifer & Bryn of Palmpass

Where did the idea come from?

We’ve all been long time transit users here in London, but in late April of 2011 during exams Bryn left his bus pass at home and while trying to find it in his bag he realized there had to be a better way of getting on the bus.

Do any of you come from entrepreneurial households?

Sajjad is the only member of our team whose family has been involved in entrepreneurship.

Where does your passion for entrepreneurship come from?

We work for ourselves, therefore we eat what we catch; this challenge is very liberating.

Biggest milestone?

PalmPass has had many milestones that include support from Mayor Fontana, a successful PR campaign and most recently being named as a finalist for the Venture London business plan competition.

Biggest setback you had to overcome?

Beyond the assembly of a team we’ve been fortunate in that we haven’t been set back. We attribute this to the strength of the individuals involved with PalmPass; we see setbacks as challenges and so far we’ve overcome all of them.

Major influences or mentors for Palmpass?

Many prominent leaders including Steve Jobs, and Muhammed Ali have influenced us due to their pursuit of excellence at the highest level. However it is our mentors, John Pollock, Ann Bigalow, Brian Jones who have ultimately guided us through the adventure that is entrepreneurship.

What would you do with the money if Palmpass made it big?

Although money is a motivating factor we genuinely enjoy the process, so we’d enjoy starting another startup or become involved with business incubators. Money would however mean that we’d be able to become involved in the charitable and non-for-profit sector – something that is very rewarding.

Fun facts.

Bryn believes he’s a better at surfing than he actually is, Sajjad is a master at the ancient art of ninjitsu and Jen dreams of one day going to circus camp and try her luck on the trapeze.

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