BizInc pulls together like-minded individuals who are passionate about their new ideas and will help post-secondary students discover their entrepreneurial potential by educating, equipping and supporting them as they turn their ideas into workable businesses.

BizInc will match students with a talent pool that will help develop their ideas into seasonal companies, part-time companies, post-graduate full-time companies and full business launch opportunities.


BizInc offers students:

  • hot desks
  • phone lines
  • Wi-Fi
  • white boards
  • webhosting
  • web design
  • printing
  • skills seminars
  • access to funding
  • a boardroom
  • networking opportunities
  • business planning strategy advice
  • access to professional services (legal, accounting, marketing)
  • the chance to work in an environment of like minded entrepreneurs


Business incubators provide education, skills training, networking, mentoring and tangible office support systems to deliver positive results for new business start-ups and student-led ventures.

Students who are part of the business incubator program work under the supervision of mentors who help guide the business development process from the very first stage.

By matching student entrepreneurs with a pool of talent that is willing to help, BizInc will guide students as they take their ideas and develop them, perfect them, and bring them to the next level.

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