Just What is BizInc?

BizInc is a new initiative mandated to seek-out, support and promote student entrepreneurial enterprise originating in London and located on the campuses of Fanshawe College and Western University.

The goal of BizInc is to help students turn ideas into workable plans and to execute those plans with practical support from community mentors. We will provide access to those critical resources both in-house and through community partners in order to retain energetic creative people, develop new opportunities, attract new businesses to London, and enhance the vibrancy and culture of London.

Our Mission

We welcome students who have ideas for businesses or social enterprises.  We help students organize their ideas, clarify a target market, anticipate competition, and prepare a realistic plan of action.

We also help with introductions; to mentors, professionals, and even other students with complementary skills.  We prepare students to conquer the challenge of building a business.

Our Vision

We at BizInc believe that student entrepreneurs who are encouraged and actively supported by local mentors and investors will be inclined to stay in London as contacts and networks forged provide a reason to stay.

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